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 Edward II and Robyn Hod Porter of the King's Chamber

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PostSubject: Edward II and Robyn Hod Porter of the King's Chamber   Fri Dec 19, 2008 8:00 pm

Hi everyone!

I have just discovered Katheryn's fantastic blog and website dedicatd to King Edward II. I have been fascinated by this king for many years and the medieval period in general. So I joined this forum.

The main reason I became intrigued by this king is partly due to the research by Joseph Hunter in the 1850's. I expect you may know of his discovery of payments to a Robyn Hod porter in King Edward II's service. But did you also know that Edward II's progress through the northern counties in 1323, his concern for the state of his forests, his progress through Lancashire and his visit to Nottingham, mirrors one of the earliest Robin Hood ballads, the Geste of Robyn Hode.

[i]All the passe of Lancasshyre,
He went both ferre and nere,
Tyll he came to Plomton parke,
He fayled many of his dere.

Hunter showed that King Edward II, in the latter half of 1323 stayed at York and the surrounding areas. In August he was at Pickering, he then moved on to Wherlton Castle, Jervaulx Abbey, Haywra Park, Forest of Knaresborough. During his 'progress' he was especially concerned with the state of his forests. He eventually arrived at Nottingham on 9th November.

Since Hunters discovery of this Robyn Hode in the king's service it has been discovered that Hode was already in the king's service before November, but even so there is surely a remarkable coincidence between the ballad and the record.

Later in the Geste we get:

[i]Alas! then sayd good Robyn,
Alas and well a woo!
Yf I dwele lenger with the kynge,
Sorowe wyll me sloo.

And in Edward's household accounts for 25th November:

[b]Robyn Hod jadys un des porteurs poar cas qil ne poait plus travailler, de donn par comandment-.

He is discharged with five shillings as no loger able to work.

In addition to all this we have the character of the king, who loved to associate with the lower orders. Who coincidently is described in A Lytell Geste of Robyn Hode as Edwarde, our comly kynge.

What are your oppinions on all this?
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Edward II and Robyn Hod Porter of the King's Chamber
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