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 Reasons why Roger Mortimer was brilliant

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PostSubject: Reasons why Roger Mortimer was brilliant   Mon Jul 07, 2008 10:12 am

Having been accused of bias and unfairness by starting a thread on Mortimer's misdeeds, I'll redress the balance by starting one on some of the many reasons why Roger Mortimer Was Totally Brilliant:

- he was incredibly loyal and reliable, till circumstances forced him not to be.

- he was intelligent and cultured.

- he was a courageous and excellent soldier.

- he was an extremely effective justiciar and lord lieutenant of Ireland.

- he was decisive.

- he was charismatic.

- he was attractive physically, especially to women (that's how I see him anyway).

- he was the only man with the ability and determination to do something about Ed II and Hugh Despenser's tyranny.

- his escape from the Tower of London was thrilling, brave and daring.

- he had the ability to make long-term plans, the ability to put them into practice, and the patience to wait for years if he had to.

- he was a great leader, and could easily persuade people to follow him.

- He fathered 12 children, and seduced a queen, so he was probably really good in bed.

"Sans lui n'estoit rien fait, et par lui estoit tous fait, et le creoit li rois plus que tout le monde." Without him nothing is done and through him everything is done, and the king trusts him more than any other: Hugh Despenser the Younger and Edward II
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PostSubject: Re: Reasons why Roger Mortimer was brilliant   Mon Jul 07, 2008 10:26 pm

all outweighed by the fact he was a greedy tyrant himself. Besides, Isa was so desperate for a man, after all those years with Ed, surely any man would do? Very Happy
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Reasons why Roger Mortimer was brilliant
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